Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I've never done this before, she said

Swim Tuesday was a bit clunky. Well, a lot clunky. I had no mojo at all. Not sure why, nothing especially hurt, but nothing was working very well either.

I found out Wed afternoon at massage. Lovely, but she was working on my arms, and where a particular tendon anchors into the bone near the inside of the elbow. It was making odd noises, and the muscles on it felt really stiff. She told me the name of the tendon, but I don't remember.

She said that she'd never had to work on anyone like this on those muscles and tendons and asked what on earth I had been doing. Well, it turns out that these are what is working to catch the water and get your forearm vertical during freestyle. I demonstrated, which is hard when you're lying flat on your back.

In one sense, it's proof that I've been changing my stroke, but maybe I'm working too hard at it. Something to think about. I think an easy relaxed swim tomorrow if I can get a lane where I don't have to keep up, or keep track to get out of the way.

No run. It rained, then it snowed. The sidewalks are crap. I should go get another pair of shoes like the ones I have, only for indoor running. I think it's going to be a long sloppy winter. Talisman track, here I come.

Still at Penn West, even as many other companies are laying off. I'm dreading to hear the numbers of people over at TransCanada. I have buddies there. There's been so many layoffs, and I suspect nobody is getting a year end or Christmas bonus. I don't think the retailers are going to be very happy this year.

Somehow, we've got to get off this oil and gas roller coaster. It isn't good for anyone, or the industry, or the economy at large. I wish more people would see climate change as an economic opportunity, rather than a cost.

Still struggling with novel edits. I'm not getting the time to dive in and concentrate.

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