Monday, November 23, 2015

I did four

Sunday started with a swim. Well, no, it started with this, trying to persuade Curtis to let me have my flip flops.

1K 19 minutes, nothing special, but feeling better. I tried the center line snorkel I bought, and that was interesting. Trying to sort out just enough roll for the stroke, but not to breathe was a bit of a change. Totally different feel pushing off the wall. 3x100 on 2 and ran out of mojo.

Water ran with Katie after, with Mr Splash beside us. Only at the end did she realize that he had been splashing her towel with every splashy flip turn. She is such a temptress, trying to talk me into all sorts of things that she says will be good for me.

Then the hardest spin in a while. On the bike 1.25 hrs, with 10 minutes at 200 watts, feeling pretty good. Then some short (very short!) very high watt intervals. This got me all sweaty, which got Celina all excited. Nothing like a good spin workout to get all sweaty. I'm feeling really good about the bike just now, settling into longer workouts as my butt gets toughened up.

Planked during the stretch session. I got all full of hubris and decided to try pushups. I can't remember the last time I did any, it was such a long time ago. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I figured since the planking had gone much better than I expected, I thought maybe that would be true for the pushups. Not so you'd notice. I was hoping for 8 or 10, and I did 4. Only 4. Captured by weenie-ness again.

Slept like crap. Curtis was singing the song of his people at top volume, and flinging himself against the door. I was expecting the neighbours to be banging on the door wondering what on earth we were doing to the cat.

Barely got out of bed and off to work. Dragged my butt all day, till I got home. Since it hadn't snowed, my legs felt like running. 5 K, 36 minutes, nice and easy and relaxing. The last K felt a bit harder than the rest, but it's uphill all the way. In fact it was just a little bit slower. I got nearly run over only once, even though I was wearing my reflective vest, so that was pretty good. I'm not really used to it getting dark so early, so quickly, and I think the same is true of other people. I see lots of people driving around with just the daytime running lights on.

Stretched, and kept the plank streak alive. 90 seconds. I'll give it another week, and maybe try the push ups again. Maybe.


  1. Well-what was Katie tempting you with?

  2. Awesome treats! But you have to survive the spin, run, and core session first, and still be able to eat. It's tough. Katie tough, though with her infectious high energy encouragement whipping you on.

  3. Amazing work out Keith!! You're really getting back into it!!

  4. Inspiring stuff, Keith. There's no way I could tackle all those workouts in such a short time. I skipped a run last night, intending to get up early this morning but, of course, it didn't happen, so now I have to run tonight instead. sigh.


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