Friday, July 10, 2015

The office or a day in the mountains? Duh!

One advantage of my job is that to some extent I can decide how much I want to work. I decided earlier this week I wasn't going to work today. Instead I was going to do another open water swim, then bike, and if all went well, run. All out in Canmore. With my buddies Michelle and Antje.

I've swum in Quarry Lake before, here in 2008, and here in 2009. Let's just say I was very new to triathlon then. There was no moose today.

Last night I was swimming pretty straight. Today I was feeling a bit more tired, and was tending right. It's about 250 to 300 m from the beach to the far end. I did that lap, then practiced standing up in the shallow water, dashing out and around a woman, then diving back in a couple times. Then down to the end to collect Michelle and Antje, and back again. Let's just say a little over 1000 m, and no idea how long.

We did not set up a transition area. The bikes were still locked on the truck, so we headed back and did transition at the hotel where Antje works. They recently completed the Legacy trail between Banff and Canmore. We rode along that, not pushing, just riding along and enjoying a beautiful summer day. Warm to hot, but not smoking hot. At the last minute we decided to head up to Lake Minnewanka.

51 K, 2:26, nice and easy. Mostly it's pretty flat, then uphill to the lake. Michelle was a total champ on the way up. Left me in her dust! The trip back was into the wind.

We locked the bikes up again, and Michelle and I went out for a quick 2 K run, just to shake out our legs and to say we had done it. Without even trying we got a nice negative split. 2K 14:04. By the end of the run I was feeling better. I might have been able to do 5 K like this, but I doubt it. The heat was starting to get to me, and I'd made some deliberate nutrition choices that assumed a short run.

I'm pretty sure this is the first time since mid 2012 that I've done a swim, bike, and run all in the same day. My butt was getting a little tired of being on the bike by the end of the ride, even with the breaks we took along the way. Knees felt great. Low back was getting the little-est bit cranky during some of the uphill bits. My legs felt heavy and slow during the run, slow cadence for, as Michelle happily demonstrated a shorter quicker stride. I lumbered along.

Then out to Communitea for lunch/supper. It was awesome! I had a very nice masala spiced chicken burger, Michelle had an amazing salad, and Antje had a what looked like a ham and pesto panini. Their date square is in my top ten. The Fiasco Gelato called me, but I resisted. On the way home we scoped out the rest of the YYC 70.3 bike course, and stopped at the Coop liquor store. I had a hankering for a beer. Two of them, as it turns out.

Here's some photos for the day. The post swim fan dance with a towel and banana.

I'm surprised this one isn't blurred they were going so fast.

Preparing to dabble toes in the lake.

I know how many dollars I could have earned in the office today. But fun with friends and this view is priceless!

This blog is officially under the influence!

There were other photos taken, but they aren't on my phone. They might appear on certain people's facebook pages. Or I might get email.

All in all, a perfectly lovely day! It's ending with a nice pastel sunset as I finish the beer, writing my blog, enjoying the evening as it slowly cools off. My feet and legs feel good. If this is retirement, bring it on!

Oh, and more photos just showed up! My ride buddies.

How graceful!

All of us, me looking slightly demented, a thorn between two roses, or something.

Michelle's super awesome salad.


  1. I think this was my favourite day of 2015 so far. Thanks! :)

  2. Sounds like a totally wonderful day, Keith. Almost enough to make me want to train for a triathlon. Almost. :-)


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