Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sleeping in

You might be asking yourself, why ever did he go with such a weenie blog title? The answer is that sleeping in is an extremely rare thing with me, thus worthy of a blog title.

Normally, If I'm still asleep by 6:30, that's pretty amazing. Today, Linda got up at some uncivilized hour, and I snoozed, partly awake, partly asleep, enjoying the relaxation. My back didn't hurt. I didn't have to go to the bathroom. The cats weren't complaining at the door. It was quiet. I could enjoy just floating, enjoying my thoughts. It's a wonderful state of mind.

I sometimes think about states of mind. Times when you are ostensibly doing something, but part of you is aware of you doing it, watching it almost as if a stranger was doing it. Wondering if you are doing the activity, or if the activity is doing you. I kind of like these meta states of mind, flipping back and forth, thinking or doing something, and then suddenly you are thinking about the thinking or doing. So far I haven't managed the third level, thinking about thinking about the thinking or doing. Or maybe I have and I got lost along the way.

There are lots of times I find myself thinking about a situation, wondering why I'm on the outside looking in, in a situation where I've done something I think is perfectly logical and reasonable, and everybody else is wondering if I'm from Mars. So there's a joke. Two mothers are watching a marching band parade. Little Johnny's mom says to the other mom, "Look, there's my son. He's the only one marching in time."

That's me. Marching in time to the music only I can hear. I would imagine it's been very frustrating to some of the people around me. Oh well.

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