Saturday, July 4, 2015

First time photo model shoot

You will be relieved to hear I was not the good looking one of us.

We are entering a photo contest, and today was the day for getting the bike photos. Swim photos happened Friday. Michelle's husband Ken brought the good camera, her buddy Antje came along, and Michelle and I rode up and down a hill while they snapped photos. I haven't seen any of them on a real screen yet. That was fun. I have high hopes for the artistry of the last hill shot.

Then we rode over to have the mountains as a backdrop for a posed shot. My trying to hold my gut in, Michelle showing off her guns. Pity the mountains weren't clear.

Then home to practice transitions. We lined up the bikes like this.

We practiced running up to the bikes as if we had just got out of the water. For some reason Michelle and Antje didn't want to be hosed down to practice it wet, to make it more realistic. Stuff on, ride off for a really short ride, then swoop around again and transition to run. Lots of fun. I haven't done this in a long time.

When the photos show up, I might share the good ones here.

We scurried around a bit getting ready for a garden viewing for our neighbours. They've been curious ever since they saw it going in and couldn't see any more after the fence was installed.

Celina was of course delighted to supervise, in a passive aggressive sort of way. Aggressive first, then passive.

Here's what the guests saw when they walked in the gate. Linda got many compliments on the garden. People were really curious about the lodge.

Naturally, the cats were exhausted with the effort of entertaining.

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  1. That was fun! Great photos are waiting to surprise you... Antje & I just said AWWWW about the kitties. Glad the rain missed your garden party. It's so full and beautiful.


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