Saturday, July 11, 2015

Aftermath. Hot, sweaty. Classy.

After the big day yesterday, I was delighted to get a great night's sleep, and woke up feeling like a million dollars. Maybe two million. Coffee and nice cinnamon buns on the patio as I worked on a new scene was a great way to gently start my day.

I'm not feeling the least bit stiff or sore. The only aftermath from the ride is this bruise from where a bug bounced off me during a fast downhill section.

It's a hot and humid day here, and my T shirt was soaked after doing the lawn. Nonetheless feeling itchy for more. More hot and sweaty, imagine that! Not so long ago I'd curl up in a little half melted puddle above 25C.

Michelle was happy to get out for a quick run as well, and we did 6K 43:37 at a chatchatchat pace in 25 C sultry weather. There were nice little gusts of cool wind from off the reservoir, then patches of humid. This is where running with a buddy is great. I probably would have called it at 5 K, or broken down and walked. But she kept me going. Not by encouraging or pushing or whatever. No, just by running along steadily, chatting. If I'd really needed to walk, I could have, but somehow didn't want to. So mark up some anti-weenie points for me!

She had to zoom off after the run, but I took a little more time stretching and walking around a bit. There was this classy car in the parking lot, and I grabbed some photos. I heard it start, this isn't a replicar, it's the real thing. Probably a very pretty penny indeed!

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  1. Much needed run though I was feeling my legs after the big mountainous bike ride yesterday. Thanks!


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