Monday, June 8, 2015

You might be mistaken

If you've read the last couple blog posts, they've been topical. Coffee and wine. No politics recently, though there's been rumblings. You might think that's all that's going on.

But no. Saturday I was out for the nicest ride in years! In bullet points just for variety:

  • 48 K in just over 2 hours nice and easy.
  • Mostly out and back on 22X.
  • Perfect day for a ride.
  • My bike fit is feeling good.
  • Felt strong and smooth.
  • My legs ended the ride feeling better than the start.
  • My low back and hips were feeling it a bit, but no worse than the start.
  • Great company!
  • Nailed nutrition and hydration.

Sunday I was out for a great run! More bullet points:
  • 8 K, 58 minutes.
  • Trying to run relaxed and easy, long slow pace.
  • Even on the way back, up hill, I was just a little faster than chatchatchat pace.
  • Farthest I've run at once since mid February.
  • Warmest run in a long time, dare I say, hot even. 
  • I was getting pretty warm at the end, and I felt the very beginnings of that hot feeling rising up from my chest, neck into my face.
  • My legs felt really good throughout, only a few tiny niggles.
  • I love to run down in Fish Creek!
  • Nice walk to warm up and cool down, such as it is.

Monday I was in the pool, and not so much to say about that. I had a whole 50 m lane to myself, and once Katie left, I had the whole pool to myself. However I couldn't really enjoy it. The water feel was very elusive, so much so that I was swimming very slowly, and breathing way too hard for that pace. In the end I took it for what it was, and didn't push too hard. It was really hot last night and I didn't sleep all that well, so I'm going to blame that.

Saturday was a busy day puttering around, and other than the run and a few little things, Sunday was a peaceful quiet day, trying to to move too much during the heat of the day. This summer thing is lovely, and I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

I've been getting some amazing readership numbers. Blogger is telling me page view numbers I don't believe. Is anyone else getting these huge spikes?

I've had a couple ideas for my novels, but nothing had really quite worked out yet. I've got a great scene in my head. I love it, but I'm not sure where it's going. Maybe like so much of my writing I have to start writing it down, and let my characters discover what happens next. Maybe then I'll know where it goes. My mild fear is that it doesn't fit into anything that I have on the go now, and it's the start of a new novel.

While I was working on that, there were cats. Curtis's paw is looking much better, and such a good kitty, he eats the pills out of my hand. He thinks they are treat crunchies.

And dessert! Raspberry Cardamom ice cream with organic strawberries. Plus wine, of course.


  1. Very exciting to see the bike and run feel better post-bike-fit. I bet the run was influenced by bike niggles before that. Yay!

  2. Oohh that ice cream looks good. I need to check out Fish Park one day. I bet it's been busy lately with all the nice weather.


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