Thursday, May 7, 2015

Quite the week!

There's already been lots of comment on the Alberta election. If you're interested in that, you've probably read your fill done by writers more talented than me, and some of it has been very witty indeed. If you're not interested you're probably saying to yourself, "not more from you too!"

Maybe just a little bit. As far as Canadian history goes this is nearly a once in a lifetime event. Anybody that voted in Peter Lougheed in 1971 is a senior citizen now. The change of government before that was in 1935. Not many now would personally remember that. And to go NDP? That makes it even more remarkable, and explains the twitter traffic that seemed to mostly consist of variations on "holy shit", "flying pigs", and "hell freezing over". I stayed up to watch it all, and loved it!

I'm very pleased with the results. The various people setting their hair on fire will get over it. Or they won't and that's their problem. We still have a PC MLA, but I've never read about him in the paper for either good or bad, and that's an acceptable outcome for me. But if the Lib's hadn't run a paper candidate, and all those votes had gone to the NDP, there'd be one less PC in the Legislature. Last time he won an outright majority of votes, and plurality of nearly 2000 votes. Even that was a squeaker compared to previous years. The NDP got 600 votes last time. This time the PC got a third of the votes, only 429 more votes than a no-name NDP candidate, who got 5466 votes. I'll bet he doesn't run again.

My last comment is that Prentice showed his true colours during his concession/resignation speech. To resign his seat before they finish counting the ballots demonstrates a true lack of class. He has spat in the face of democracy and voting, and especially the people that voted for him. Our MLA made a big deal out of Prentice being the one to clean things up, and the voters that relied on that must be furious. Whoever will they find to run as a PC candidate in the coming by-election?

In other news. I'm still a bit beat up from the big work weekend. Nice swim on Tuesday, a bit on the slow and short side, but I'll take it. Yoga was a washout. I wasn't really there for it, and my core was on vacation. Even corpse pose wasn't relaxing; my hips weren't happy with being stretched out. I was thinking of running tonight, but the BBQ captured me.

Linda got a zillion lily bulbs and will be busy planting them, and the rest of the pansies she got. I'm trying to stay out of her way as she deals with it. Things are just exploding out of the ground. Here's something that looks like it's aspiring to be Jack's beanstalk.

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