Monday, April 6, 2015

Where was I again?

I was pleased to see that my cold lasted the traditional 7 days, and was cleared up for me to start vacation. That week was a complete non-starter for workouts. Here's a bit of a catchup.

Thursday was my first swim in a week and it was ok. Worked mostly on getting the water feel back again. Didn't want to push it too hard. Thursday or Wednesday? I can't remember now.

Swam again on Friday with Michelle and Sophia. Tried for a bit of speed for short distances, but could feel my lungs still getting used to this breathing thing. Michelle continues to improve. This was Sophia's first swim in a while, so she was getting used to the water again. I won't say any more about it, since she has a blog and can talk about it there if she wants.

Ran on Saturday and was very surprised at the outcome. My thinking was to run nice and easy, but I had the sound low on my phone so I didn't hear the pace announcements. I just ran at a pace everything was happy with. I knew I was somewhere between 4 and 5 K, but imagine my surprise when I looked at the phone that I'd been averaging almost a 7m per K pace! I ended at 5 K and 35:09 feeling really good about it. Much of the run was relaxed and not working too hard at all. Stretched lightly afterward, and felt good ever since.

Sunday we had plans to have brunch with friends, but what with all the snow they cancelled. I didn't feel like going for a spin, so I was down washing bottles and then bottled 29 Nebbiolo. It tastes a bit tart out of the carboy, but I'm sure it will mature nicely. Puttered around a bit, enjoying not having to prepare to go to work.

Monday I'd planned on swimming, and a buddy invited herself along. Like that's a problem! The pool was pretty quiet. Michelle had things she wanted to work on, so we did our own thing for a while. I wanted to see if I could break 9 minutes for 500 m long course, and didn't quite do it, ending up at 9:15. Which, as it turns out is exactly the same pace I swam 3 K at a couple weeks ago in a short course pool. The difference was that swim was relaxed and easy. This I was working it towards the end. My water feel got lost part way through and it felt like I was flailing at the water.

After some drill I tried a 100 m nearly all out, and quickly discovered my lungs are still not quite completely with it. I didn't get a good look at the clock, but I'm pretty sure I was 40 seconds for the first 50 m, most of it feeling strong. The last 50 m was a bit of a struggle. My arms and kick were fine, but I was running out of air, and things were getting sloppy. 90 seconds. I'll take it for now.

We worked on a specific stroke thing for Michelle, and made some progress.

I think the plan for Wednesday is to go long. Let's see what happens. And my bike. Poor Estela is feeling abandoned. Now that the run seems to be coming back, and the hip crankiness isn't bugging me so much, I should try a spin session.

Last night I was in the mood to watch something, but didn't know what. I was flicking through the Apple TV box movie trailers. Oh My Goodness! There are some howlers there. All I can think of is that back in the day, some of those (now) well known actors must have been hard up for the money. I almost rented Sharktopus. It almost had me. It might yet. I was very disappointed at Silent Running. I remembered it from the initial running in the early 70's and liked it. Especially the 3 cute robots. Then the trailer showed how bad the over-acting was. Sigh. Sometimes it's better to let memories be. That got me into a whole series of robot themed trailers. I nearly hurt myself I was laughing so hard.

Today I'm struggling to stay awake in spite of the influence of snoring cats. Life is good. See?

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