Sunday, April 19, 2015

So who's a wheel-sucker?

So you knew about the ride Friday afternoon instead of working. That was nice, even if it was really windy. I figure I'll keep going out, sooner or later it will be less windy.

Saturday was a putter around the house day. Lots of things crossed off my list. Yay me! Not the big one though. My desk is still a mess, and I had hoped to at least get started on catching up on my filing and organizing. It was so nice out, even if there was snow on the ground when we woke up.

Sunday at half past still frigging cold, Michelle and I met up with Saskia and her buddy Sarah out at Priddis. We had a lovely ride to Bragg Creek and back. Not so windy, sunny, but cold to start, and cool to finish. In a news flash that will stun you all, I am still a week feeble reed going up hills. Maxed 70 KpH on one of the downhills. We saw a ton of other cyclists. I've ridden past where we parked a zillion times, but I hadn't known how many people drove there, parked, then rode.

On the way back I caught up to Michelle (she was being kind) then mercilessly sucked her wheel for a while while I recovered. Then I passed (it was downhill) and told her to stay tucked in. A minute later there was a surprised "Hey, I hardly have to pedal!" Exactly.

Anyone see anything funny about this readout from the bike ride log? One number is so not true.

I knew from yesterday that all my wine kits are in, so after eating and showering I zoomed off to Red Deer. Holy Hanna what a gong show the highway was! I thought I was going to see two collisions and had already begun to take evasive action. Fortunately not. There were a lot of big pickup trucks being driven excessively fast, even for Highway 2.

The habit that scared me the most was the casually cutting back into the right lane when there was a break in the slower traffic. Then they'd hammer it right up to the bumper of the slower vehicle they'd eventually meet, and cut back in. I had it done to me, and I was more than just a bit bug eyed. No signal, other than reading the vibes of the vehicle. No shoulder check, just move and assume there was room. Jerk.

This was the very soothing sign I was looking for. In all Alberta, this is THE best place to buy your wine kits.

Here's the supply of kits I brought home. This will keep me out of mischief for a while.

Curtis "helping" by keeping an eye on the raisin pack for the Chilean Vocanic Red that I started tonight.

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