Monday, March 30, 2015

It's early, but

Summer in Calgary is not a season. It's not a time of year. It's not even a particular temperature.

It's a periodic event happening at random times, for a random length of time, a random number of times in a year. It must be seized and enjoyed, for it might not pass again any time soon.

Therefore, even though the ground in the back yard is still frozen, mostly, it was summer enough for me. I hauled out the pressure washer and hosed stuff off. I moved the barbecue into the back patio. The plan is to have our first outside meal of the year tomorrow. The forecast says it will still be summer. There are tiny green things emerging from the garden. It will probably still snow before the May long weekend, the traditional start to gardening season. Carpe diem and all.

I'm feeling much better, but just that little bit of activity convinced me I was smart not to go for a run. Even though it's warm, I'm not quite ready for that.

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