Sunday, December 21, 2014

An early Christmas in some ways

Friday I had posted my last blog (Still) (which a bunch of you haven't read, I think, but that's ok,) before going to work.

Then good things happened at work too. One is the raffle prizes. I'd bought a bunch of tickets. There was a little bag beside each prize, and you could put in as many tickets as you liked in any bag. The Keurig machine didn't get any tickets at all. But there was lots of wine and chocolate prizes and I spread my tickets around them. One of the gift baskets was enormous! I didn't put any tickets in that one because I didn't think I could carry it.

My buddy Sean had texted me saying he was walking by the building and could he buy me a coffee. Of course! This happened during the draw, and we had a wonderful chat. Then I came upstairs to find the people up and down the office hall just buzzing. Someone in our corner won, they told me, given the sequence of tickets. There I was, checking tickets, with two people trying to look over my shoulder. They're both shorter than me so it was tough. And it was me. I'm not sure if you can see, it's a kilo of chocolates. You can see who was interested in them.

After I went out for a drink with some of the people on my team, and that was a very nice conversation too, for several reasons.

I'd had a really creaky yoga class on Wednesday evening, and my hips have been stiff and sore since. I slept in on Sat, then puttered about the house in a low key way, having an afternoon nap and everything.

I've been spending some time down in the basement starting to scope out where to put something like 150 bottles of wine. I can see where my winter project is going to be some de-cluttering and reorganizing shelf space. Linda is quaking in whatever she has on her feet. Maybe I'll find the long lost cowboy boots.

There were some nice sunrise shots on Saturday. Plus other kitty shots. There is a kitty in both of these shots. The sunrise shots themselves were nice, but I like the reflections.

Curtis resting up from his exertions of dominating his humans.

This is almost a chinook arch. Usually there is a patch of clear blue, and a wind driving the clouds away.

The message here is obvious. I have clearly failed in some obligation to the cats.

 Linda has been decorating.

Sunday Michelle and I went to Talisman pool. Her swim has improved so much! Even though she was saying it wasn't quite as good today. We found one drill that was fun for her, and is helping her stroke. I got in lots of drill as well. When I got home I found out that Talisman had selected me as a weekly winner in the "We Inspire" contest. Michelle was so nice to nominate me.

This afternoon was a nice soothing day cleaning and bleaching bottles. Between the pool and bottle washing my phone doesn't know who I am anymore. Have I ever mentioned that BBQ rack of lamb is just about my favourite thing ever?

I'm thinking of a big swim on New Year's Day. I did one a few years ago where I ended up swimming 7 K. Maybe during my vacation between Christmas and New Years I'll start swimming and see where I stop. Perhaps not New Year's Day, we've been invited out to a party, and it's a rowdy bunch. I might not be in any shape to do anything after, let alone a big swim. I'm still in nowhere near the shape I was then, so who knows how it will turn out.


  1. Oh my, that is a lot of chocolate! Hope your hips are feeling less creaky and sore soon.

    1. They are getting better, but all that chocolate calling me, they NEED to get better so I can run and burn off the calories!


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