Thursday, October 9, 2014

But there was no gratuitous trampling!

The weekend had a wonderful beautiful run with buddies, well up on the list of best runs ever for me. Monday I swam, and felt great. Did 1000 m in just under 20 minutes, then 3x50 m on 60 seconds. That's feeling better too.

Tuesday morning I felt great! Then I sat way too much at work, and during one meeting I was sort of twisted looking at the whiteboard, and the guy that was speaking much of the time. I limped home. Still, I tried running. That might have been a mistake. There was walk breaks. It was short. It was slow. Add very to those statements. Mega very. Well up on the list of worst runs ever.

Massage Wed afternoon, where my wonderful therapist put 1.5 hours into pummeling my thighs, with a bit of butt and calves. They felt much better after. Then a really good yoga class. My head attended this time, which was good.

Then a really nice run tonight. 4K, 29 minutes, gradually building, though the pace line for Runmeter is all over the place. The graphs for RunKeeper are much better.

And I was smiling, sort of. And as you can see, it's October 9th, and I'm wearing shorts and tech shirt.

Then I had some errands to run. It started with Rona, then Coop. Then Rona has moved the light bulbs, and someone scrambled the display. Then to Bulk Barn where I overdosed on the sugar smell. Then the Dollar Store for a few Halloween decoration.

Then, at last, Coop. I was braced for geezers. I was ready for the pre Thanksgiving crowd. I was going to go in, get 4 things, and get out. If a gratuitous trampling happened because someone didn't get out of my way, well, that's life.

Except they didn't have the granola I like, and nobody got in my way. I was almost disappointed. Other than a poor hapless grocery clerk bamboozled by Linda so he didn't know if he was coming or going, there was no chance. Maybe just as well.

Swim tomorrow, at some point. Let's see. Should be nice weather all weekend. Happy Turkey everybody!

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  1. Happy turkey to you too! Your map looks a little like a foot. I had an idea...


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