Wednesday, September 3, 2014

More photos, not quite so lazy

Where we are staying is a wifi-free zone, which means I'm several thousand words further on my books, two whole scenes written. Scoping out moving some chunks around. I'm writing this looking at a beautiful pool! So if I don't want to swim in the ocean, there is a pool. Though the guy in the "fast" lane is pretty slow. 

More photos.
The soundtrack was light jazz, not quite Dixie-land. Beautiful ad catchy. The sound from the bandstand carried all over the lovely park.

This is probably one of the best burgers I've ever, ever had.

And dessert right after. mmmmm!

The view from the cottage.

The cottage from the beach.

The cottage driveway. I mean, part of the beach.

Hmmm, photostream is being pissy about sharing some of the photos. Like the ones I want to put here. Sigh. Later.

Ran 4 K along the beach in 30 minutes. The elevation is truly whacked. This beach is dead level from end to end. That's what sea level means. From the water line to just above the high tide line, which is where I did most of the running in the nice soft sand, is maybe a couple feet AT MOST! Runmeter is trying to tell me it's 12 meters. 

In case you're wondering, we're having a wonderful time. Though we miss our kitties. I wonder if they've noticed we haven't showed up for a while. We left them a reliable human, so maybe not.


  1. Two Doors Down! They do have good burgers and the kale salad is to die for. :-)

    The beach looks so lovely. I've always wanted to stay in that cottage. Glad you're enjoying it so far.

  2. Those desserts look awesome - and thanks, Janice, for letting me know where Keith and Linda were for those burgers ;)

    Love that cottage!

  3. Looks so peaceful and relaxing - no doubt you are having a great time :)


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