Saturday, June 14, 2014

Colouring inside the lines with a pressure washer

I am first of all surprised at how few readers there were for yesterday's blog, wherein I tell you how to get rich. Maybe I've got an elevated class of readers that are either already rich, or don't care about riches. I'll take that as a compliment.

No workout Friday. Busy day for lots of reasons.

Saturday was a volunteer day. I'm trying to catch up on volunteering. My thinking is to volunteer at a race once for every race I've done. It doesn't have to be that exact race. I only did Calgary 70.3 once, but I've volunteered twice. I've "done" Chinook half 3 times now, but today was the first volunteer experience there.

I ended up spending much of the morning guarding T1. The sassy highlight of the day was telling the lead ATA official to get the heck off the race course as the athletes were starting to get out of the water.  She came back later to chat and we worked it all out. Otherwise it was lots of fun, seeing a bunch of people I know along the way. I have to admit I enjoyed volunteering this race much more than I ever did racing it. For one thing the volunteering was over much sooner.

This afternoon I dug out our pressure washer and used that on the patio stones. This was kind of fun too, though some care and attention is needed. Going outside the rock typically leads to a face full of sand as the high pressure water blasts the sand between the rocks. I'll have another go at it tomorrow and work on more of the rocks. Some of the ones I thought were done, are, in fact, not. It's sort of like washing a car. It looks clean when its wet.

Here's some photos to amuse you. If you look carefully at the first two, you can see a bit of difference in what is getting washed.

 This is not retouched in any way. I love the blues and blacks.

A chance shot of the patio after, as I was watering the garden. I love how the sunlight plays on the wet rocks. Those are not the permanent chairs. I just rescued them from the front so I could wash them.

This is what you get when you don't completely colour inside the lines. I missed some spots. As you can see from the above photos, it's really hard to spot when the rocks are wet. I'll be back at it again tomorrow.

In addition, I think tomorrow is going to be a day for washing windows. I wonder how many people don't know the Tom Sawyer technique for doing this, and would be willing to drop by to learn? I'll even feed you coffee. And will I run tomorrow, or ride? Decisions, decisions.


  1. I love the third stone. It looks like glass.
    They say you should volunteer once for every five races you do. You are extra generous at 1:1.
    No Tom Sawyer for me, sorry. Gonna squeak in a run between two Father's Day gigs.

  2. Thanks for volunteering on Saturday Keith!


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