Sunday, April 13, 2014

The dawn run

And no, I don't mean the run to the bathroom first thing, before settling back in for a snooze. I mean a real run, outdoors and everything, just at dawn, or shortly after. I had agreed to meet Michelle at 7 to match up with her plans for a long run, and Sophia came along too.

This is my first time in a McDonalds since before August 1980. And I must say I'm not impressed, or tempted to go back any time soon. I'll spare you the picture I could have taken just outside the door. I thought it the natural end result of eating anything there, but Michelle pointed out it could have been a last call patron from the bar next door. But you'd think someone from McD's would at least use a bucket to rinse it into the parking lot along with all the gravel and other nastiness.

The run was good. We ran up into Mayfair to see if I could find the hole in the sound barrier. I'm thinking about running home from work when it gets a bit warmer. With the Sandy Beach bridge out I'll have to stay on Elbow for longer, and wanted to run through the nice neighbourhood rather than the Glenmore Gulch. It started cool and windy, and my legs were taken a bit by surprise, but it all turned out well. Even though Runkeeper didn't find the GPS and get distances, it was 6.8 K in just under 50 minutes.

I find it difficult to dress for temperatures just below zero. Much colder and I'm fine. Warmer and I'm fine. But trying to figure out cool, especially when there is a wind is difficult. In the end I opted for what I wore earlier during much colder runs. I figured I could unzip if necessary. There was quite a wind, and I knew we'd be running near the reservoir, so no shelter to speak of. I'm glad. Here we are after, you can see how the wind affected our faces.

It took 3 tries to get it right, I kept aiming so the photo only had half Sopia's face, which is not acceptable! She and Michelle met up with other people and ran more. I figured that just under 7 was good for today. Good stretch and roll after. After she was done, Sophia came to visit Linda and the cats. I was using the yellow ribbon to distract Curtis from Sophia opening the door to leave. He wasn't thrilled.

Contrary to your expectations, I did not head into the media room to watch the new TV. I had a nap for a little while. Very refreshing. Then a lazy Sunday, with more rolling and stretching later in the day. It's too cool to sit outside, though nice if you were doing, say, yard work. As if.


  1. Thanks for joining me this morning. Sorry to subject you to th nastiness outside the McD's. Now I recognize how short I am. You can see me stretching up & I know you were bending your knees! Great run, great company! Hope the two if you had a nice visit! I needed a nap today too!

    1. Well, the mess outside McD's wasn't your fault. Bending my knees without pain is still a bit of a novelty for me the last few days. Such a wonderful run, hope the rest was as good for you. Maybe next week in Fish Creek!

  2. 7am? On a weekend? Way too early for me - but sounds like you had a good run (legs not cranky - yay) and a good visit with your running partners! Curtis looks to be saying, "Geesh? Really? Yellow ribbon?" - he does not look amused!

    1. Morning workouts are the best! I'm usually up anyways, and this gets it done before I get frazzled with whatever happens during the day. I was trying to convince him the colour was gold, and it was a little crown for him. He wasn't buying it at all.

  3. Look at that happy running gang! Looks like you guys had a great run. I completely agree, temp sitting around the zero mark are tough to dress for!


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