Friday, December 6, 2013

WedThursFri AMA!

Zoom. Week done. It still seems like Tuesday for some reason. Other than shoveling lots, and a bit of snowshoeing last night, and the regular yoga class, I've been a fitness slug.

Work on the recent novel, The Sweet Elixer, has been going well. I realized I needed a couple more scenes set in Kona, so I've been working on them.

I'm sure looking forward to vacation in a couple weeks.

As the song goes, 'thought I'd something more to say'.

A new feature here, AMA. Ask Me Anything. Leave the question in comments, and I'll address them in a blog. Never know what's going to happen. Or you could send them to me via email or other social media.

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  1. Here are a couple of AMA questions! How did you and Linda meet? Would you ever shave your moustache? If you did another Ironman would you pick Challenge over a WTC race? What is one thing (athletically) you would like to achieve?


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