Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Clogging congestion

Sounds like something disgusting happening to someone's lungs and nasal passages, but no, it was Calgary roads tonight. It seems like everybody left work at the same time, trying to drive home on extremely slippery roads. Our commute downtown to home is normally 40 to 45 minutes. Tonight it was 2 hours of nerve racking hell. Wondering if someone behind me would panic, slam on the brakes and slide into me, or the car behind me, causing a chain reaction. One guy just cut me off and kept doing it even in the face of angry beeps.

I'd been debating if I should snowshoe or do a spin session tonight. A nice dinner and a big glass of wine later, I'm seriously contemplating going to bed.

I don't think the roads tomorrow are going to be any better. Calgary transit said the busses were 30 to 60 minutes late, and no surprise there. They were caught in the same traffic. From what the nice CBC traffic reporter was saying, every single major road in the SW was clogged with traffic. All of them. Totally clogged. Last time a commute took this long there had been collisions in several major SW intersections. This was just every car in Calgary trying to be on the road at once.

Don't forget the AMA feature coming up. Ask Me Anything. So far I've had two respondents, (thank you!) with a generous number of questions. One has no fear of having a question attributed to her. I shall see if I can plan something special. Something along the lines of have you stopped beating your chocolate yet?

I don't expect this post to get many readers. They're all still on the road, trying to get home.


  1. AMA: What is your favourite healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks when you are training for something?

  2. AMA: What's the most adventurous thing you've ever done besides an ironman?

  3. It's days like this that I don't mind taking the train to work. It's also days like this that make me wish I could walk to work! Or not work...

    Hope your drive home today is better. I actually have to drive home tonight so it should be interesting. Hopefully we aren't too late picking up A!

    AMA: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?


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