Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winner x2! Crafty photos and NaNoWriMo

Now the secret can be told. There was a team building min-golf game at work today. I'm part of an IT/IS group, and we took over the whole third floor. Our team decided to do a tropical theme. My task was to make a shark fin in a water hazard.

From a previous life, Linda has fabric out the wazoo. There are cubic meters of it. She found this great blue velour stuff that was perfect. Here's how our hole looked from the tee box. It's a par 5 dogleg left.

There was a little humidifier under the volcano so there was a mist rolling out from it. You can just barely see it in this photo.

The judges voted us the BEST HOLE! They especially liked the water feature. Considering that one of the holes had a water feature using real water, we were quite impressed.

The actual tournament was fun, even if one of the teams working with some accounting programs used some dodgy accounting practices to artificially lower their score. Much pizza and a good time were had by all.

After we got back from a really good yoga class I decided the time has come to validate my novel with NaNoWriMo, and this showed up. Side rant here. Adobe Reader used to be a nice well behaved program. Now it's a monstrous bitch that I can't stand using. In any case, I struggled more getting this damn certificate so you could see it, than I did with the novel. Even though I'd filled in the form, it kept insisting I do so, and when I tried, it quit. Grrrr.

Now comes the hard part, taking a sloppy first draft, and turning it into a finely crafted novel that everybody in the world will want to read. Well, all of you, anyways.


  1. Yaaaaaay! Congrats on completing your future New York Times bestseller!!
    That mini golf stuff looks amazing!

    You made me chuckle hard this morning with the word "Spawn", btw.

  2. Way to go, Keith!! Congratulations on the 'win' :) And that awesome water hazard you made. Wow, have yet to work for a company that plays mini-golf in the hallway. Looks, and sounds, like it was a fun day!!


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