Monday, November 4, 2013

The waiting polar bear

You'd think it was resolutionista time. The locker room at the pool was full of people I'd never seen before. Many of them were new to this. You can tell the people that are regulars. They know what they're getting out of their bag. They've got a routine. What these people were mostly, was in the way. Both heading in and out of the pool. Still, good for them for getting more active. But why NOW?

Saw Katie very briefly as she got out of the pool. Chatted briefly with Jordan and Madi, and admired her tan. Poor Jordan said he had been that colour too, only it washed off in the first swim back at home. Swam a half hour, staying out of their way. Pretty pleased at the pace for the 50 m pool. The water feel kind of came and went.

All day at work a couple scenes evolved in my head. Ronnie is taking her lead character responsibilities seriously and a scene with her wrote itself. I learned all sorts of new stuff about her I hadn't known. There is a polar bear in the wings, patiently waiting for his cue. I'll have to write faster so the seal meat budget doesn't get blown.

Pounded out just over 1900 words in the 2 hours between dinner and leaving for dance class. Dived back in and barfed out another 800 or so to finish that scene. Now back to the doctor's office. 12780 words in total.


  1. Holy crap, look at you go!! And don't you love it when the scenes almost write themselves? Now, if only I could find that magic in this pile of manure I'm producing!!

    Good job, Keith :)

    1. Keep at it. Sometimes it takes a while to find the head of steam, or discover who the characters are. Is this "pile of manure" at least steaming in the cold air?

    2. It's cold, but definitely not 'steaming'! Will continue to plow forward - surely we're heading somewhere fun!!

  2. I don't mind resolutionists. I do mind when they don't bother to learn basic swim etiquette though.


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