Thursday, November 14, 2013

Really fast update

Zoom. The words really flowed today. Over 42000 words in total by the time I shut the laptop a few minutes ago. I think this scene is the heart of the climax of the book. Lots of editing to do, some bits to fill in. Lots to fix, even now I can see there are better ways to tell some of the story.

With any luck I'll finish up the 50K this weekend, then start considering where to go from there. I think there's other pieces of the story to get told, fill out some of the characters a bit. I know what they look like, and so do they, but nobody else does. Need to figure out timing nail down for sure how old everybody is as the start, and keep it consistent. Pretty sure I goofed in one place.

Swam this morning. I didn't even look at the clock for pace. I know it was a bit over a K, but not sure how much. Easy and relaxed 45 minutes in all. Dodging a floatie who hadn't quite figured out up the rope and down the middle. Some kick and pull. Some water running.

Yoga was good, though I hadn't realized my hams were so tight. The crampy calf isn't bugging me so much anymore, which is good.

Way, way past my bedtime.


  1. Wow! Impressive, Keith!! And good for you knowing where you'll need to layer and how - a big part of the revising process. Don't forget, you still have two weeks left, so you can layer and add before uploading your work for a final word count!!

    1. I know that you only need to have NaNoWriMo robots count 50K words to win. I was thinking this morning that I might carry on, barfing out bits of the story. My timeline got all messed up. It's all happened much sooner than I thought, so what I thought was the climax, is nowhere near happening. That character is now too young for what I had planned. Still game for it, since it's going to happen, but I'm wondering what else the gang can get up in the 15 to 20 years needed. I'm sure they'll think of something.
      I do know I want to keep a copy of the story, exactly as written and submitted. I'll branch it and start editing a copy. I think it's going to be very interesting to take the submittable work, and compare it back to the original draft.


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