Tuesday, November 26, 2013

5 C and I cooked

Missed Katie at the pool on Monday. The water feel was there for most of the 1000 K in 19 minutes. The kick was a bit tough, trying to fend off a hamstring cramp. 30 minutes.

Tonight the weather warmed up to well above zero C. I was out this evening after a bit of a search for my reflective vest. I didn't think I'd overdressed, but holy cow! One K easy, and I was cooking. I'd worn a pullover top so I couldn't even unzip. 4 K 28 minutes, mostly nice and easy. It took most of a K to get into the groove, then the rest was good. My legs weren't bothering me. Good stretch after.

I dithered about the book a bit. There's about 1300 words that I thought was going to be the ending, but it's really not. It's stuff mostly just before the ending, but if I move it, I lose a lead in to it. I still like the scene, mostly, it just belongs other places. I'm thinking I'll just drop it off and send NaNo what I've got.

There are no illusions on my part that this is a finished product ready to be pitched to a publisher or agent. Oh no. This is just barely a first draft. Once I've got the NanNo thing done I can sit back and polish.


  1. You can keep your scene where it is, Keith - NaNo basically uses a 'bot to count words (you could write "I have nothing to write" 10000 times and you'd still 'win' NaNo. Then, when you get to your editing/polishing/rewriting, worry about moving the scene then (it may need to stay depending on your actual ending).

    Good job on the run - other than the over-heating! We're in the middle of a huge wind/rain storm here - treadmill will be my friend today!

    1. I kept a version that was "as written". I think I'll also keep a version "as submitted to NaNo". And eventually, "as submitted to a publisher" and "as printed". I think it will be interesting to see the evolution. I'm sure that once I'm a famous author and the literary critics will want to go through my different versions so they can tell me what I really meant by that.


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