Thursday, October 3, 2013

Something went thunk

The half full pool of water was there, taunting us. They said a pipe burst while filling it, so it will be delayed a bit longer. Meanwhile, the training pool was a zoo. I haven't swum with this many people in a lane for a while. Mostly it was good, the lane buddies.

Maybe it was the one slow (but well behaved) lane buddy that brought out my inner shark for the first time in a while. Maybe now that I'm swimming faster again. 500 m in 9:20, though I have to admit a bit of that was drafting. One of the lane buddies was pretty fast. That was 30 minutes of good swim overall. It's coming back.

My shark buddy cruised along, looking at the swim club kids in the next lane and the thrasher in the other lane. He's missed me a bit, wondering if I was ever going to be swimming again. I explained to him about floods, and he didn't get it. Lots of water is a good thing, for him. Equipment that doesn't run submerged is poorly designed. He thought Sharknado was pure exploitation, in case you were wondering.

Once again my super yoga teacher came through with something that was really good for me. I thought it was my left knee that was feeling tired and sore, until my right hip started complaining. During one of the twists there was a soft and meaty thunk deep in my back. It didn't hurt at all, and I think it was a good thing. Later rolling my butt on top of the little ball, I found one spot that had me seeing stars for a few seconds. It was very tight. Oh, and I was threatened with a terrible fate if I videoed her demoing Lion pose. We all had fun with it.

Tonight ought to have been a run but I decided not. Instead I did some core and some stretching. Yes with plank. 120 seconds! And other stuff too.

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