Sunday, October 13, 2013

Perfect timing

If you read yesterday's blog, you'd know there was no significant activity, other than the finger twiddling needed to create Snapseed images. There have been several nice comments through channels other than my blog comments, so you could still be first to tell me I have no talent and should never take another photograph. And that buying a real camera would be a waste of my money.

After seeing the beautiful images produced by the photographers with a real cameras, I did a bit of looking to see how much moola we are talking here. I hadn't realized there was an entirely different language required. I didn't understand a word of it. I haven't the least idea why one camera is $x, and the next one is several times that. Yes, I realize that quality of construction, number and quality of sensors, and lens quality all makes a difference. But the language in which they were saying that doesn't make any sense to me. I think I need a camera-world primer.

Speaking of images I often run past this tree, and never really noticed it before. But today the bright gold against the sky caught my eye. Notice the cloudless sky.

When I started my run the clouds were a smudge on the horizon. When I finished 76 minutes later the clouds were nearly here. By the time I was finished stretching, the sun was gone, and the clouds were way east of us. Quite the wind for what seems to be a fairly still day here. If anything the winds were blowing toward the west during my run.

I started really, really easy. My hams were still a bit tight, and I was in no hurry to push them.

Even though the pace line is all over the place, it's pretty clear it took a full 2 K to settle in. My pace felt pretty steady throughout, running easy and relaxed. The only explanations I have for those huge variations in pace is that the GPS was a bit off, well ok, a lot off for elevation. There were some corners cut when I blow up the map enough.

It was a beautiful fall day for a run on crunchy leaves, with people raking them, kids playing in them. I ran down lots of streets that I haven't been on for a while, just to see what's there these days. This might well be the last run of the year in shorts and a tech tee. If so, it's a perfect way to wrap it up. I'll still be going out, just with lots more layers on. I know a few of you are excited about seeing some more icy tusk mustache photos.

I'm getting back into my novel after all the adventures with hard drives recently. I'm stuck on what a particular place is for. My original thought only works if I set the novel in the mid 90's, instead of the mid 80's. So far I haven't worked out a good alternative, and I don't like the idea of moving it to the 90's. I'm not sure why, but it seems wrong.

I thought I'd get some writing done this morning, but I was swarmed by cats who were very eager to give me a list of all the things wrong with living here. No matter that we regularly poll other cats, and they all, without exception, tell us they would rather live with us than their current servants, and that our cats are ungrateful. In this picture Curtis has his tail all over my keyboard.

And what's a Thanksgiving weekend without a bit of food porn? We didn't do a special meal, but I think it's worthy of a photo anyways. Because now that the drool drains are installed on the blog I should put them to use so they don't get all clogged up by mating dust bunnies.

Here's my current read. A buddy of mine (hi Lori!) who has done a zillion marathons highly recommended it. According to it she has been sadly shorting herself on nutrition during training and races, so she's been making some changes, though it's too soon to say if it's made a difference. Anybody else read it? Your thoughts?


  1. Okay. Lots to comment on and I don't have much time. Yes, you should get a camera but think about a mirrorless one. Some of them are really great and they're much easier to carry around. I'm regretting I went for a DLSR. Second, have you thought about participating in NaNoWriMo? I'm signing up again, I think - though I don't yet have a plot, or characters, or anything else for that matter. Third, I LOVE your cats. I definitely need to meet them one day. You too! Finally, do be sure to tell us what you think of the book. I've been thinking nutrition is an issue I should probably pay more attention to as well. (A little late now though - given that my last big event for the season is less than 4 days away. LOL!) TTYS!

  2. Thanks for the camera thoughts. I have thought about NaNoWriMo, but like you, I don't have a plot, characters or anything else. I suppose I could use some of the gang from my proto-novel, but not sure how that might affect acceptance by a publisher. Maybe I'll come up with an idea for something else and it will be good to take a break.

    Meeting us is a possibility, since where you live is high on our list of places to visit again. But if you want to visit the cats, I'm afraid you'll have to come to Calgary. We have a very nice Stampede in the summer that many visitors think highly of...


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