Thursday, October 31, 2013


This is another exciting day! My new MacBook Air arrived this afternoon, exactly when they said it would arrive. I'm a bit dubious about a supply chain from Shanghai, Anchorage, Toronto, Seattle, Richmond, BC, to Calgary, to get to my home. But I guess they know how long it will take. I've hooked it up, and migrated all the iMac data, hooked up Dropbox, and got the new novel open in Scrivener. The wireless access works. So far this has been a perfect experience. I'm still getting used to a firm touch on the touchpad to make it go click. I'll need to read up on all the gestures.

The main use for it will be writing. At first NaNoWriMo will consume much of my time, then I'll have two novels to play with. The Plant Novel is easily a novel length, and much more. Just lately it seems to be morphing into a bit of an odd romance. I hope the crew doesn't mind me giving them a break for a while as I pound out this new thing. I intend on keeping the blog up to date, but things might be a bit short.

Plus I was offered a renewal at work for another year. That is a HUGE Yay in my books! I don't talk much about work here, mainly because I know most of my readers would be bored to tears at the intricacy of the data issues. None the less, I like the work, I like my boss, and the people who see my work are liking it.

There's a puzzling thing happening tonight, in that kids in costume are banging on the door demanding treats. Some cultural tradition, I guess. The cats are fascinated by the whole thing, and many of the little kids are fascinated by them.

Oh, and Wednesday I had a nice swim in the morning, along with some water running. My back still wasn't letting me really power through flip turns, but at least it wasn't like the bad old days when I was figuring it out. I'd done some stretching on Tuesday evening that really seemed to help.

Then in the evening the yoga class was wonderful! Just what I needed. The seated cat cow thing was a total failure, but then, there isn't much to it for me even when my back is normal.

Wish me luck in the NaNoWriMo!


  1. Congratulations on getting your contract extended another year. That is great news Keith!

    Hope you love the new MacBook. I've got the Pro but I have to admit I have some envy at my dad's Air. But I'm the keeper of all the photos and such hence we figured the extra space would be worth it in the Pro. Plus I kinda wasn't ready to let go of the CD-ROM drive yet. Yup, I'm old school!

    How is Curtis doing?

    1. Curtis seems to be doing very well. Perky, back to his normal self. The mass seems to be getting smaller and softer. It almost looks like some fluid drained out of it, since the little bit of fur that is there is a bit matted. So far the Air has been perfect. Though I'm trying to install Mavericks, and the download has failed twice. I'm wondering if I migrated from a backup that was done with Mavericks, that there's something that is confusing the download. I'll have to investigate. No compelling reason to upgrade instantly.

  2. Good luck, Keith! And congrats on the contract renewal. Look forward to reading some snippets from the novel when you're ready to share.

  3. Great news on the contract renewal, Keith - it's obvious you love your job! And yay for Curtis getting better! As for the new computer, right before NaNo, yikes. Hope everything is set up and you're ready to rock and roll on this crazy adventure. Can't wait to hear all about your adventure - and, as Janice said, looking forward to any snippets you may post along the way!

  4. Congrats on the contract! That's great.

    Good timing for the macbook!


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