Friday, October 18, 2013

Glad that's (mostly) better

Spasming back muscles are no fun at all. Wed night was bad enough I skipped yoga out of consideration for my fellow classmates. I thought the various involuntary noises might be alarming for them, and disturb their zenny yoga-ness, to say nothing of alarming our lovely teacher.

A computer digression. If you don't like computer stuff, skip this para. After one of my blog commenters suggested I try NaNoWriMo I checked it out, and have all but decided to do it. There have been several long, slightly odd Twitter conversations. I'd decided I wanted to get a laptop anyway, and have mostly decided on a Mac Air. Well. Turns out the Apple store doesn't sell the model I want with the features I want. That's why online shopping was invented, I guess. BUT!  The new Air comes with a later version of the OS than my iMac, so I can't just migrate the backup data from my iMac, and be good to go. HOWEVER, upgrading my iMac essentially means adding more RAM, which isn't hard, particularly. It just needs to be done. There is a choice of buying the Air, and not migrating the data, which involves a bunch of setting up, and making sure iCloud is off. Which it is anyway. 

So, in the meantime I've been trying to get my brain out of the novel I'm working on. I'm stuck in a place, so doing something else would be good. If only I could convince my brain of this. It's still trying to figure out something in the current book, and is blocking ideas about a new novel. Some of the characters have indicated they are willing to take on new situations, but I'm not sure how well that will work. Decisions decisions.

So if you have any novel ideas you like to give to a good home, feel free to leave them in comments.

Flip turns are hard when your back muscles aren't working right. But I was in the pool swooshing back and forth. Semi-swooshing, I guess is more accurate. I wasn't trying for speed, I was trying to relax in the water. For a little while the girl I was sharing the lane with drafted me, then tapped my toes once. I paused at the wall, then drafted her for a few laps. Very nice. It was actually hard to feel the draft because she was very smooth.

It's still a little tight, enough so that I didn't run this afternoon, but maybe tomorrow.

And, YAY! The competition pool at Talisman should be open on Monday. That should ease the space crunch. In other fitness news, I finished Fitzgerald's book on marathon nutrition. Very interesting. Lots of data, and it seems to be sound. While there are a few examples given, it's not full of name-dropping. Even though it has to go back to the library, I'm seriously considering buying it for ongoing reference. Fully buying into it means lots of stuff to keep track of, and for once it's not counting calories. He bases lots of things on your body weight, such as ingesting a certain number of grams of carbs per Kg of body weight. Assuming you know what that is. I don't at the moment, I need to put batteries in the scale. The doctor's appointment last week produced a number that was a bit higher than what I'm comfortable with. It includes different training plans for half and full marathons, depending on what sort of a runner you are.

Lastly, an office selfie, complete with reflections.

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