Monday, September 9, 2013

The dead hard drive

The iMac has been getting pretty sluggish lately, and here I thought it was safari. Trying to clean it up, I noticed iTunes wasn't playing a particular song I like. That got me into a 'that song is not authorized' 'this computer is authorized' loop. Then I tried updating iTunes and that was it. Checked permissions and found a mess. Tried to fix that and got the fatal 'invalid node structure'.

I dropped it off at the apple store on the way home. As soon as I told him the story he said it was time to replace the hard drive. He did the same diagnostic, and got the same result. A new hard drive is almost twice the size of the dead one, and only a couple hundred dollars. Right now I'm all calm because there is a back up. It's worked before.

That means I'm blogging on the iPad, so I won't have as much to say, and there won't be comments. The iPad hates doing blog comments.

My legs still felt great all afternoon after yesterday's excellent run. It wasn't quite the mythical runners high you guys all talk about, but it was easily the nicest run this year, and that includes the Bermuda beach runs.

The swim today was happy-making too. My stroke is coming back, and my arms aren't protesting as much.

The brutal activity was ballroom dance again. Mambo, or Samba. One of them, and I can't tell them apart, and I can't hear the beat of the music even with my ear glasses. The foxtrot they do is quite different than the foxtrot I know. It's almost harder to do a different version of a known dance, than to learn a new dance. This is harder on my knees and legs than running is. Only 11 more classes. I can make it. I hope.

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