Sunday, September 22, 2013

Setting up the drool buckets

I learned my lesson last time. This time I've gone to the extent of plumbing in some blog drool drains. I think they'll be needed.

My buddy Sophia was doing her first multi-sport race today. I'd have gone anyway, since it was close to home, and it looked I might do a bit of baby sitting during the race, but it turned out not. She has a ton of pics to choose from to put on her blog, though it hasn't been updated as I write this.

I didn't know anyone else running, but did know several of the organizers and volunteers. Hello to Rose (watch out Steve King!), Madi, Richelle and Rowan, and the elusive Tessa. It looked like everyone had fun, and in spite of her fears of being undertrained, Sophia did awesome!

Once home I saddled up and headed up to the reservoir for the first time since late January or early February. Then my legs tightened up, then I ran on the beaches in Bermuda and made it worse, and came home with the cranky leg that troubled me for months.

Now they are behaving as expected. Did an easy run walk warmup, then tried to settle into an easy run pace. The graph looks weird.

Look at that pace line, the blue one. It's all over the place, yet the run times per K are perhaps the most consistent I've ever done. Nice and easy out, mostly down hill, and with the wind. Working a bit harder on the return, of course, but it all felt good. Stretched after. No, there will be no drooling about my times.

Some of you are vegetarians or the ilk (soy ilk in your case) so you might not get this. Those that eat meat, you know how a melt in your mouth steak feels? It's even better with Bison. Tenderloin of range fed bison, marinated in a wonderful sauce, and BBQ just perfectly. We almost didn't need a knife. Plus a nice salad with the awesome artisanal oil and vinegar on organic salad stuff. An amazing meal, topping off a beautiful day.

Now to nibble some hand made ice cream and the last of the summer berries, while sitting out on the patio. There, checking the drool drains. I knew they would be a good idea.

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