Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mostly lovely swim, all lovely yoga

The Monday swim was ok, but nothing more. My legs were a bit tired from the weekend run, but nothing worse than I expected. Dance class was a disorganized mess, which disappoints me. I now appreciate how well organized the U of C dance club was about teaching.

No Tuesday run, instead there was a very good massage session. I was breathing to the right IT band, that's for sure. It hadn't felt tight, but was.

The Wed swim was the best it's been for a while. Up till now my stroke has fallen apart at about the 500 m mark. I couldn't see the clock very well, but it was feeling good and maintaining pace well past 500 m. The water feel and flip turns are coming back. I just hope the kid that surprise joined me near the end doesn't come back.

Then a wonderfully lovely yoga class tonight, full of all sorts of stretching goodness. I actually relaxed during the meditation and savasana. Pigeon pose!

The weird thing about today was that even though I felt a bit disjointed with the world, it wasn't me, it was the world. Everybody was walking really slowly. They somehow would get off the elevator, or out a door, and end up in front of me. Slowly. Sunterra was a gong show.

After work, as I was leaving the parking lot, a guy driving by, slowing down at just the right speed that if I'd known he was going to keep slowing down I could have gone. He eventually came to a halt in front of me to turn left into the parkade. No signal. Then he just about took out a pedestrian. Some days I wonder.

Turns out the external drive has died as well. I'd tried scrubbing it, writing zeros, partitioning, and everything I did kept taking longer and longer. Eventually the computer stopped noticing it entirely. I might be able to rescue it with more advanced tools, but I don't think I'll bother. I picked up two back up drives. I've already done a time machine backup on one, just to have it. That took half the time the old external drive did. Tomorrow I'll play with the other one a bit, and get some clone action going. Then one of the drives is going on a trip. I still haven't decided where.

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