Monday, September 30, 2013

Celina has a new nickname

The day started well, in the pool. No Katie, but then the public lanes were the shallow ones, so it's probably just as well. In the good news department, the competition pool was half full of water!

Since the pool opened I've struggled a bit on my form and water feel. Last few swims I was just getting under 10 minutes for 500 m, and getting sloppy towards the end. Today I was thinking about form, and keeping my head and chest down further. I ended up swimming that same 500 m in 9:30, and taking it easy. Could have gone on. Settled into some kick drill and other stuff for a 30 minute swim.

Pattern matching at work. I've already done a bunch of matches where there is an exact text match. Now I'm making a pass through looking to match against a serial number like C2002.25.1.B2 and the way it is in the other database is C2002-25-1B2. It's easier to make a pass through looking, than to write a bunch of scripts to strip out the glop.

We had a perfectly wonderful meal of BBQ chicken on Yum buns. The adventure came part way through the meal. Celina rampaged across the floor and swung up to the top of the cat tree, channeling her inner pirate queen or something. From the top, she then vomited several times. Windows, wall, baseboards, floor, armchair, cat tree. Some cats like to work themselves up to it, and you have a chance to get them on some easily cleaned surface. Not Celina. She makes less noise doing this than sneezing. There are no photos, and just as well. Her new nickname is multi-spewer.

I forgot to mention that the Sunday run was in shorts and tech T. Still nice weather. We even sat out on the patio a bit and had some berries and ice cream. It's not the same, though. Summer, I'm missing you already.

I've been watching the Congressional stupidity lately. Stupidity is the politest word I can use. The schools would fail kindergarten students that demonstrated that level of cooperation and lack of consideration for others. I fear this is the model Harper is working from.

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