Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cat fur eats bluetooth

Once again I learn something new. There I was, thrashing around gently on my workout mat, doing what I am pleased to call my post run stretches. At one point, as I rolled a ball under my butt, I was forcibly cuddling Curtis. As his fur enveloped the bluetooth receiver that feeds my ear glasses the music  stopped. Not faded out as if I was getting too far from the source. Stopped. I did that a couple times more to confirm it. Who knew?

Then he escaped. Maybe being all sweaty from a hard run had something to do with it. Take a look.

That first long dip is almost certainly the longest I've sustained that pace, even including races. Then going back up out of Fish Creek I was pushing hard enough I was beginning to gasp, and could see the signs pointing to the re-taste zone. I backed off a little bit, then pushed hard to finish out that K. The last K was nice and easy to cool down. Good stretch after, especially around my knees. The muscles just above the knee caps sure got a workout.

I'm a bit surprised at how well I was running since my legs were various levels of creaky throughout the day, but decided it was time to push a bit harder. It's getting to be cooler weather in Calgary, but guessed right again, in shorts and two layers of tech shirts. I might have got away with one long sleeved tech shirt.

Soon it will be back into the tights again. I'm almost looking forward to it. I've had some great warm and even hot weather runs this year, but I really like running in the cold.

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