Sunday, September 29, 2013

A day in the man-cave

Friday I didn't swim. I couldn't even leave work early since I'd done that Tuesday. I was in bed early. It wasn't even a tough week, but I was done like dinner.

Even though there was interesting stuff to do on Saturday, I didn't want to do any of it. I wanted a day in the man-cave. Not brooding, or drinking wine all day while watching trashy movies. Just a quiet day to myself.

I ended up having a very relaxing day. Winter is coming so I dug out my winter run tights and ran them through the wash, along with a bunch of other stuff. With any luck, that will put off actual winter another month or two. You guys can thank me later. The wine bottles had piled up so I scrubbed a bunch of them. Amazing what a little bleach will do. As I've said, washing bottles can be a soothing activity, and it was.

Between that I read and worked on my novel. Stretched a little, since my legs were still feeling a bit creaky from the last run. Talked to the cats and gave them a good combing. In bed early again. Slept like a rock.

We had a very easy Sunday morning, then wandered out to the markets. We were saddened to see the obit on Big D's. Derek was only 49.

Then we found Chorizo bison! Fresh! Very tasty in a burger! The chili made with it smells heavenly. I will be sure to take the long way from the microwave at work, to my office. With the lid off, of course.

My legs were finally feeling like a bit of a run, so I went out for just as long as they stayed light and happy. That turned out to be 5 K in 34 minutes. Stretched after, and surprised myself with a 90 second plank. Haven't done that in a while. Plank, I mean.

Lastly, in the wake of the hard drive failures, I've been getting my photos back in line. I think I've got some duplicates now, and some file numbers are messed up. Thats a better problem than missing thousands of them. Many of them are essentially just file names now. The albums I created are empty, for the most part. I suppose if I was really ambitious, I'd go through each and add tags so I could search them. Let's just say a minute per photo. There are 6405 photos. That's over 100 hours. HOURS! That's 2.85 of my current work week's. At my billable rate, that's, well, ahem.

Does anyone know if there is an app that compares the photo information and displays duplicates? I suspect I have at least some duplicated with different file numbers.

 Now I can start putting photos up here again. This is a sunrise from Saturday, slightly dressed up in Snapseed.

The flowers we picked out earlier this year are still going strong, several frosts and all.

And how can I not take a photo of the cats? Celina is trying to bask in the sun, and savage my foot at the same time.

Curtis was snoozing through it.

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