Tuesday, August 20, 2013



The house number finally arrived. They've had a few problems with it, but all done now.

This happened just after my run. My left quad is really tight so I didn't want to over do it. 3K, 21 minutes after a good warm up, and some stretching after. Linda rolled my hams. I pummeled the offending quad. It's better now.

I had this great pair of scenes come into mind. It's just great when things write themselves. Nearly 5,000 words later in just a couple of days. Love it. I think Les is about to get propositioned by 3 different women. One couple formalized their arrangement, to nobodies surprise. Another secret relationship is about to be revealed. And Dwen, what will happen to Dwen? What's the worst that could happen, is always good writing advice.

Here's the start of the bar scene, exactly as first written. It's during Stampede, if that means anything to anyone.

“Guys, this is Annette. She’s a buddy of mine and I will not hear of her getting stiffed on drinks or a tip.” Ronnie tucked a $20 into Annette’s halter top and tossed more on the table. “Ante up for beer, and virgin drinks for Les and BJ, coz they’re the only ones driving home tonight. Pitchers of draft as needed till the money’s gone, Annette. And for God’s sake, when this crew starts ordering shooters, get it in cash first and batten down the hatches.” Bills quickly piled up on the table and Annette scooped the lot as Ronnie and Ben poured and passed glasses around.

They all toasted each other. “While we’ve got your attention, and before you think we’re doing it because we’re drunk, Blair and I have something to say,” Carol said. She swung her leg across Blair’s lap and wriggled up to him to share a somewhat beery sloppy kiss. She straightened up again. “Yes, we’re official guys, to put an end to the speculation. We’re going to get a place and move in. Please tell me you’re all shocked and surprised,” she yelled over the chorus of “Get a room!”

Another round of toasts assured them that everybody was completely astonished, and wished them well.

“You guys are all the biggest liars I’ve ever met!” Blair shouted. “Lets get the first dance in, Carol, and these guys can join in whenever they get up the nerve.” He swigged more beer, then stood up with Carol still in his disappearing lap. She slithered down his body, then they headed off to the dance floor.


  1. Love this scene, Keith. Sounds like you're making great progress on the novel. It's inspiring. Love to get back to mine but there never seems to be time. Maybe when I finish training for Cape to Cabot in October? Anyway, keep the reports and snippets coming please.

    1. Thanks! There's a few other things being pushed aside just now, while it's going good. Once I finish that, I'll take a run at the ending I worked out, then see where the gaps are.


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