Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Too humid

Normally in Calgary, when it's hot, which doesn't happen often, it's a dry heat. Not today. Too hot to do much. This is the hottest I've ever seen the thermostat. Just as well we didn't install the air conditioning, there was a request to trim power usage at peak hours.

I wish I could alternate an hour in the office with the overpowered air conditioning, and an hour outside. Only a bit of stretching to loosen my legs up after workout yesterday and sitting all day, that one muscle was all cramped up and now it's happy.

Remember that stretch of roller coaster LRT track, about 100 m worth right beside the nearly washed out bridge? Remember the flooded tunnels? Remember that little 10 day western party starting Thursday night? It's all good. LRT service on the South Line starts Wed morning at 4am. Amazing.

BBQ some salmon and shrimp in a big sandwich on a bed of Dill and a special made Linda sauce, with a mint and tomato salad. Tres yummy!

Looking forward to a Calgary writers and Blogger's meet up tomorrow.

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