Monday, July 1, 2013

The cats stole my golf ball

Once upon a time I could do a passable imitation of someone playing golf, as long as you didn't look to close at my swing, or the score, or the ratio between balls lost and found. This was back when I was doing shift work, so a few of us got together to hit various courses mid week.

Then I came to my senses and got off shift work, though I'm still tainted by it. I've only played golf a few times since, but still have the clubs and stuff. Stuff includes a bunch of golf balls. My buddy Sophia assures me that golf balls are totally the thing to massage the bottom of your feet with when it's tender. As I found out yesterday, she is so right.

So afterward I left the golf ball there, next to the softball I'd been using, the stick, the fitness ball, the foam roller, the elastic bands, the jump rope all on or near my workout mat. Today after my bike ride I went looking for it, and couldn't find it at all. It's probably under some shelving somewhere, next to the white foam ball they liked playing with for a while. We probably won't ever find it by looking, and it will only see daylight again when people come to cart us off to the old age home and all our obsolete stuff to the dump. Those kids probably won't even know what all the paper in the basement is.

In any case, I have others. I was even rolling my foot on it while doing some ironing. The bike session was interesting. It started a bit clunky, then got good quite quickly. Even though it's really nice out I did not feel like playing with bike tires today, and my low back was a bit tight. So once more onto the trainer, for what turned out to be a fairly strong workout. Warmup. Then all the following at about 90 rpm: 180 watts for 10 minutes, recovery, 205 to 210 for 5 minutes, recovery, then 245 for a minute followed immediately by a spin up through the gears at 100 rpm to over 400 watts, then back down to easy spin to cool down. My left knee still feels a bit weaker than the other when standing on the pedals, just at the point of maximum bend. My sit bones are feeling better about the experience.

Good stretch after, with some core. Working various leg muscles.

Then Kingsland Market and visiting the food trucks! These guys have been just amazing throughout the flood. My choice today was the Steakout Truck, though the Pizza the Hut with wild boar pepperoni from Without Papers Pizza came close. So yummy.

It's going to be a while before going to bed. It's hot, and there will still be daylight till about 10 pm at least. Our bedroom window faces west, and it was a scorcher today. Plus there will be fireworks downtown for Canada day. They did a test run a few days ago, and there will be no sleeping through it. No view of downtown from our place, even if we sat on the roof, there are tall trees in the way.

The plants are still looking a little bit shocked, but are beginning to perk up. It will be a three day week for me, as we get Parade day off. I suppose if I wanted too I could go into work and sit in our lunchroom to watch the whole thing in air conditioned comfort. It might be the easy and comfortable way, but it wouldn't be the cowboy way.

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