Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer running

I escaped query hell this morning. Rather than actually work with the data thus extracted, I went for a short walk outside for some fresh air. It was perfect for a workout. All day I thought of doing a bike or run. Run or bike.

In the end I ran. Trying to keep it nice and easy because after all, it's summer here. Started easy. This run thing is getting a bit easier as I do it more again. My legs weren't bothering me, but I still took a break after 3 Km, and stretched my hams briefly, then ran again. Toward the end I was trying to run slow and stave off overheating. Then walked home to cool down. Stretched.

Spent a fair bit of time during the run thinking about the mechanics of my run stride, trying to run lightly with quick turnover, but without trying to run quickly. Really happy with how it's going. It felt light and fun.

The house is almost done. He thinks with a good day tomorrow he will finish up. There's only a few panels left to install, but some are tricky angles. Lots of the grouting to do. We are really pleased with how it looks.

It seems like everybody going past stops to look, and several people have come up to say hello and ask where it came from. Even the installer said people have come up to talk to him about it. No surprise. He's doing a super job.

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  1. Sounds like the running is still going well? Nice.


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