Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday morning adventure

I didn't get into trouble yesterday, even with Stampede as a distraction. This morning was a bit different. Suddenly.

We've had a bit of a jury rigged solution to keep water out of our basement. If the downspout was left alone, we get a river of water coming the wrong way back to the house. Eventually it will overwhelm the foundation draining, and it comes in a basement window. Bad. I had some big green hosing to lead the water away towards the back yard "garden".

While the crew is working on the exterior installation they've had to remove the drainpipe. They draped it over the fence to our neighour's lawn. However it will just run under the fence and back to our house.  This morning I listened to a gentle rain. That was ok. Then I woke up to harder rain, and had a bad thought.

There isn't much holding the drain stuff together. I hadn't heard it all crash down, but I've slept through louder noises. The sound of rain hitting the sidewalk slabs had changed. I got up, dressed, and out to look at it. Sure enough, water was running back toward the basement. Not a huge torrent, but still.

I thrashed around a while out there, getting colder and wetter by the second, trying to get something set up with the materials at hand. Lots of those all over the back yard. Here's what I ended up with. Not bad. Strictly temporary of course. Next week we'll want something just a little more permanent and attractive. Think rain chains.

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