Thursday, July 25, 2013

Flowery sh!t warning

Hello again. Busy. Working regularly on core, though no running or biking since the weekend.

Tonight was the writer's and bloggers group, and our "assignment" is to do the writing we hate the most. For me that's the flowery ornate shit. I'm not an ornate writer at all. I try to use the smallest number of words to do what needs to be done.

One of my main writing rules is straight out of Strunk and White. 
Omit needless words!

He said it three times, but I'll only say it once, and loud. 

Much of the flowery shit in many books leaves me saying, let's get to the point here. But sometimes the point is the flowery shit, to evoke an emotion. That's fine for those that like that kind of thing, and they wash their hands afterward.

I'm going to try to practice some flowery ornate writing here. This is just to warn you so you don't think I've been putting drugs in my coffee, or some of the wine has gone bad, or I've been kidnapped by aliens who've sucked my brain.


  1. Looking forward to reading your 'flowery ornate shit', Keith :)

    1. I think my first two attempts will be to describe cat fur. There are two fine examples here, and I'll toss a coin to see who is subjected first to the forcibly cuddled data gathering.


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