Wednesday, July 31, 2013

And then they struck turkey

So there we were, tending to the garden, when all of a sudden this guy drives up on this bike. Naturally we stopped everything and drank beer. So glad he stopped by!

In other news, we've been taking to sneaking the brand of wet food they don't like, in with the brand they do. This morning they were chowing down, then simultaneously stopped and looked over their shoulders at me to say, "there's been a terrible mistake!" I laughed. Another eternity in cat hell, I know.


  1. SIGH - Beautiful bike. I LOVE Gold Wings. Used to do the newsletter for the Gold Wing Road Riders in Central Alberta when I was a teenager (my dad had one so I was an honorary member).

  2. Its a seriously impressive bike. It's probably just as well I never learned to operate a motor bike. I sometimes go fast enough on pedal bike to make some people nervous.


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