Friday, June 14, 2013

Where am I?

First things first. If you missed it, and it hasn't even been there 24 hours so it's entirely possible if you have a life, you might want to read one of my better rants. Mainly political, but that's where the Stupidity Kool-Aid seems to be getting drunk these days.

On to today, and the pool in the morning. Swam 45 minutes, the usual workout. Water ran after. It wasn't as rusty as I thought it might be given how long it's been since I was last in the pool. I think I can carry on the way I was with swimming.

Once home, onto the bike for an hour. Easy warmup, 20 minutes at the middle of endurance pace or so. Heart rate 115 to 120, light sweat, easy breathing. Easy spin to cool down, with some spin ups to 115 rpm. Sit bones complaining a bit, quads a bit tired, especially just above the knee, and hams were feeling it. Toward the end I could feel my spin losing smoothness. I think I'll stay at this level for a week or two, trying to stay on the bike a bit longer, but hold off trying to push big watts.

Good stretch session after, with just a bit of core. There was a bit of clicking in my left knee, but that ironed itself out.

Five years ago tomorrow was my first triathlon, the Chinook Half ironman. I still want to have a good day that this race, but this year isn't going to be it. During my ride today I was feeling a bit out of shape, compared to myself from 5 years ago. I'm pretty sure I'm not ready to go do a half iron, though these things are hard to tell until you try.

In some ways I think I'm stronger, and I think my base cardio fitness might even be a bit better, but my muscular endurance sucks. Hopefully that will come around. So at this point I want to continue the core stuff, and start swimming and biking regularly again. This will start working the muscular endurance and building the cardio more, without the impact of running. That will come. My thinking is to run a little bit, nice and easy so I don't forget how, but don't stress them too much as they work on the bike. A year is a long time for a gradual build.

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