Saturday, June 29, 2013

I saw Belinda!

Funny how things go from day to day. The last bike was clunky and bleah. Today as I got out of bed I knew I'd get on my bike pretty quick, and it would be good. It's odd, I felt a bit stiff and sore, yet I knew the bike would be good, at least for a while. And so it was. Right from the first pedal it was a nice smooth spin. I had a supervisor keeping a firm eye on things, though she didn't say much.

After a nice warm up I started going up through the gears to find a spot where I could feel the work, but not be overworking. There was a sweet spot at 225 watts where I could go for a minute then recover, then do it again several times. Then to one gear easier, and settle in at 190 or so for two minutes. My legs didn't mind this at the time, especially after a good stretch and core session after. At the end of the day they're feeling a bit tired. I think, I hope, I'm ready to take the trainer tire off and try a road outside. Not Road to Nepal, I know that's too much for me. But it would be nice to get out towards Millarville, maybe on Monday if the weather is still nice.

Visited with my buddy James. Love conversing with him. Then off to Owl's Nest to buy some books to support their flood fund raiser for Pixie Hollow book store in High River. We had arranged to meet our buddies Kris and Sophia. Later we wandered over to the farmer's market and met Leana totally by accident. Here's the books I got, and the difficulties of getting the photo should be apparent.

But the fun part of the day was when I was talking to James at Lazy Loaf and Kettle. Such good food there! We were out on the patio in perfect weather, and shortly after sitting down a small party got up and left. I just about swallowed my teeth.

Writers, you know what I mean when you can see and hear your book characters in your head? Well, one of the characters in my book was in that party. It was Belinda, if you've read this particular snippet. I almost said hello, so it was a good thing I had a mouth full of sandwich. She looked exactly has I had pictured her in the book. I just wish I'd been close enough to hear her talking but that would have been creepy. This girl was wearing a red summer dress from a light fabric that faded to a mesh at the top and bottom, exactly something I could picture Belinda wearing. Brown hair, in a braid, near waist length, check. Pretty, check. Tall, check. Nice figure, check.

As I thought about it over the next couple minutes, I was wondering if this happens to other writers?

Since my brain has been well into the book lately, here's another snippet. No Belinda in this one though.

Les strode into the primary control room, dropped his hard hat on the table, and himself in the chair with castors. He gave himself a push against the instrument panel to spin around once while crossing the room to end up in his favourite position, feet on a desk corner and head against a corner of the annunciator panel.

`How many times did you have to practice that before getting it right?` Dwen asked.

Les rolled his eyes to the left. Dwen was seated at the computer, ostensibly working on her daily report. `Let me think. What with all the spare time last set of nights, and the quiet days this week, I’m sure this must have been the first time.`

`The scary thing is that I believe you. Anybody else trying that would give themselves a concussion. How do you get away with it?`

`I didn’t even think about it. Perhaps that’s the secret. If it works for the gateless gate, it ought to work for a chair. In any case, things are good.`

`Well yes, that I could tell. Even if I had to go look at it.`

Les kept a tactful silence.

`So what does your buddy have to say for himself?`

`Mmm? Oh yes, Andy. I know him from a book club. He recently broke up with his girlfriend and told me he was looking for someone a little more outgoing, and I don’t know, a little more on the ball.`


`I had told him the story of how the plant engineer got covered in foam, and how you argued with Stu about the piping set up. Plus a little about the training that I’ve had here. I guess he remembered, and asked if you were single or what. I hadn’t paid much attention to your relationship with what’s his nose, but said I would ask. Then I met Stella, you broke up with Al, and it all came together.`

Les shifted to a more normal posture, and looked earnest. `I don’t really know if you’ll get along or not, but he isn’t a creep. He’s fairly fit and likes outdoor stuff, so you’ll at least be able to talk to him about that. Stella seems nice, but she had a bad experience on a date. She figures meeting another couple somewhere is more reassuring than being with someone she doesn’t know very well.`

Dwen settled back in her chair. `I suppose that’s fair enough. Where did you have in mind?`

`Stromboli’s is supposed to be good, and it’s central. Andy’s been there and is willing to go again. It’s right in Kensington beside the Plaza Theatre, if we want to do a movie after dinner. There’s a bunch of coffee shops just around the corner, and it’s a short drive to Electric Avenue if we want to do that.`

`I’ve heard good things about Stromboli’s, and I like strolling through Kensington. Along the river is nice too. I’m not much on drinking these days. If Stella has had a bad experience she probably wants to avoid alcohol for a while. So you figure that Andy will behave himself?`

`Well, he’s not going to try to rape you with another couple right there, though I suspect you could deal with that. If we all meet at the restaurant with our own cars, there’s no opportunity for the screw or walk routine.`

`All right. I haven’t had much luck with the guys I’ve met lately, so maybe a semi-blind date will change my luck. This coming Saturday?`

Les beamed. `Great! I owe you a favour, though if things work out with Andy for you, I’ll consider it paid off. Meet there at 7, have dinner, and see how things are going before we decide on plans for later?`

`Sure. You can even give Andy a hint and tell him not to splash on any aftershave. I’ll let you make the plans and reservations.`


`Hey Les, how’d your date with Dwen go?` Eric called across the coffee room.

Les took a plastic container from his lunch bag and put it into the fridge. `A date with Dwen. What makes you think that?`

`Saw you and her coming out of Stromboli’s on Saturday.`

`Ah, and did you see the other two people between us as well?`

Eric rolled his eyes up and to the left. `Not really. To tell the truth, I didn’t even recognize our Dwen at first, then I took a good look. I never realized she had such great legs. Then I noticed you. Maybe there was another couple, but so what? How’s Dwen in bed, big boy?`

`That couple was a tall guy, taller even than me, with black hair, and a blonde woman about Dwen’s height. His name is Andy and her’s is Stella. You didn’t notice Stella’s arm in mine, and our date was just fine, thank you very much, though I don’t know what business it is of yours. I’m glad you’re not a witness in my defense in court. The lawyers would tear you apart in cross examination.`

Les had taken a seat facing Eric, with his back to the door. `Since she’s just walked in, you could ask her how things went on her date. I’m sure she’d be delighted with your compliment, and if you ask nice, she might even answer the other question you asked me.`

`Hey guys. Do I want to know what I’ve walked into, or should I go come in again and pretend it’s the first time tonight?` Dwen asked.

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  1. I love seeing photos of your furballs. They're adorable.

    I really want to read the Jenny Lawson book. Let me know how you like it.


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