Sunday, June 16, 2013

I ran again, actually ran!

Saturday was supposed to be rainy all day, so my initial plan was to putter about the house inside. I did manage to get two items checked off my to do list - excavate the laundry table, and bleach a bunch of wine bottles.

It's nice to see clean glass emerge after the remnants of label goo, old water spots, wine film or other buildup is removed. Some of that goo is pretty stubborn. It's a peaceful activity, and can be almost meditative. My hands still smell a bit of bleach.

We had a thunderstorm sweep through with some light hail. I didn't see it. By the time I emerged from the basement it was nice again. My feet were itchy for a run. I was feeling warmed up, having been doing lots of bending and stretching and squatting and twisting, and all that while doing wine bottles.

Changed and headed out, with the thought I'd do whatever my feet and legs were happy with. Look at the pace time on this graph!

My feet and legs were happy and light. I wasn't pushing the pace at all or trying to run fast. It was warm but not hot, with a nice breeze. I could see the mountains. I was relaxed and enjoying it. This is how running is supposed to feel. My lungs and heart were working a bit, but could have carried on longer. Just at the end I could feel my run form starting to fall apart. Rather than push it, I hit the button, and walked home to cool down. There were some interesting tingles in my left calf, almost as if a prickly plant was brushing against the top of my calf.

Good stretch and core session after, including plank. Lots of wine in the evening. Today my feet are feeling a bit tender. I'll go do a bit more stretching, and rolling my feet on the ball. That feels so good! Book club in a little while.

We had some Telus guys show up at the door. At first I thought they were Jehovahs Witness, but no. They wanted to give me a TV, and a PVR, and a cable package for $130 dollars a month. He kept asking me what I liked about Shaw, and didn't seem to understand that I wasn't getting my internet from them, and that I'm not especially keen to have phone, internet, and cable all from the same provider. Nor am I keen to pay the extortionate fees for cable service. If we do this at all, we'll buy our own equipment, and hook it up to Netflix or Hulu, or whatever else seems good. Anybody else try that Telus package? What did you think? We can't be the only door they banged on.

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