Thursday, June 6, 2013

Double Unders are hard!

What a great day outside! I was thinking of running all day, wanting to be out in the warmth. I was especially thinking of running as they drained some of my nearly perfect blood today. The nurse was a little surprised at my blood pressure, (I think 110 over 65) and heart rate of 48. I take it you're fairly fit, she asked. Well, I'm trying. Evidently that is on the low end of what they will allow.

That run today. Limbered up really well. Tried to run nice and easy, which was a bit difficult. My right leg was all bouncy and happy, and my left leg felt very wooden and stiff. I think was limping on it a bit. Two two short walk breaks, just because.

Stretched well after, rolling the ball hard on my legs. The hams are feeling a bit stiff, and there is a bit of creakyness in my left knee. Doing a supported one leg squat, I can get way lower on my right.

I'd picked up a jump rope and some stretchy bands with the last of the Sport Check gift certs I won last fall. The jump rope should be good in short bursts to help strengthen my legs. Just for a giggle I tried double unders a couple of times, and got whapped across my shins with the rope for my trouble. Maybe next time.

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  1. Double unders are definitely hard! Keep practicing and you'll hit your shins less and less :)


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