Sunday, June 9, 2013

Core is hard when the cats 'help'

Shortly after the cats woke me, I headed downstairs. My thought was to do some stretching and core first thing, and maybe go for a run while Linda slept. It's really hard to do all that when 2 cats are all over you. Under you. Rubbing up against you. Watching and critiquing your form, or lack of it. I got some stretching in, then went upstairs for coffee and some breakfast.

It's been a quiet day here, with rain on and off and ON!! and off, and on again. I did some work on my book, and read through our book club book (Gift of Fear), but I found it hard going. I went back to my other read, Conspiracy of Tall Men, which is interesting me a lot. So far the Illuminati have not shown up. Can't wait. What's a book about conspiracy theories without the Illuminati?

Racked the red wine, and started the white, a Riesling. Washed some bottles, and for a wonder, even the hard ones weren't so bad. There's a ton that need bleaching though, maybe next weekend. Tidied the fitness area and need to vacuum it. Then the core part of the day, I guess.

No run or bike, but I think that's ok. I'm feeling just a bit of normal tightness in my hams, so progress is happening. A run would probably be ok, but I think more recovery is better in the long run. The core work seems to be doing really well, and I've read so much of people that try to push their recovery. They end up injuring themselves again, or delaying the return to full potential.

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