Wednesday, April 10, 2013

pain-free core yoga sunset bliss

Our yoga studio has nice windows, and with a bit of luck we can see the mountains. Tonight, in between poses, I was enjoying the sunset reflections in the big windows of the building opposite the studio. It was very pretty, and I was managing to enjoy the subtle changes without being distracted from the class. The yellows and golds and russets exactly suited my mood. I told our teacher I had been tempted to take a few photos, but didn't, since I was enjoying the class so much.

Trying to do this class last week would have been brutal. But this week it was just what I needed. A nice workout for my legs, some good stretches and twists. My legs are feeling better by the day, with the quads and IT bands relaxing more. The aggressive rolling and core work seems to be helping.

Speaking of core, in yoga we did plank, so there's my plank-a-day thing done. This was with an interesting twist. Literally. Start in plank position. Rotate your hips so your feet roll onto their sides and you face sort of sideways. Then back to normal plank and over to the other side. Plus bicycle. Another really good yoga class in the books. This was a class that I wish could have gone on longer.

The swim was pretty good this morning too. The water feel is coming back, though I'm a bit tired from working the paddles. Water ran with Katie again.

Have you ever been so in the groove of a yoga class where you could enjoy what was going on around you without being distracted? That the surroundings enhanced the class?

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