Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Warning, beach photos ahead

Today was supposed to be nice. We were a bit worried as rain pelted onto the bus windshield on the way to Gibbs Lighthouse, but it all turned out fine. Windy, but fine. It's a mid 19th century cast iron lighthouse, 185 steps to the best view in Bermuda. Like this.

After getting some lunch with, yes, a super yummy dessert, we wandered across and up the road a bit, then down a really narrow set of stairs.

There was a tiny cute beach we visited.

Then, the reason we came here, Horseshoe Bay. Wow! There is actually 4 beaches altogether, one big and the others smaller, 2 of which are very private. This is really the first time we've seen anyone else on the beach here. Not many tourists, and too cold for the locals. It starts like this, and I'll put a few more. None have been touched by Snapseed. I feel pretty happy with these, since I couldn't see the phone screen at all.

I think we might just have to visit this beach again. Yeah, we know our buddies back home are hating us now.

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  1. Wow - awesome beach (and great pics, Keith)! And, yes, hating you right now - we're STILL grey and overcast in Nova Scotia! I could use a little Bermuda Sun about now!

  2. buddies at home and abroad ;) kidding, very happy for you :) esp because I know how much you like your beaches, Keith! It looks so very awesome there.


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