Sunday, March 17, 2013

No sympathy, I expect

We are home. The cats are pleased with us. It's snowing and cold out. I'm feeling a bit of weather whiplash. Good thing I don't have to run today. Our last morning in Bermuda I woke up to this. No filtering or editing here. Just the photo.


While we were waiting in Toronto for our delayed flight, a buddy reminded me of Air Canada's motto, "We're not happy till you're not happy." Though I do have to say they got us home eventually, even if the baggage delivery here was even slower than Vancouver. The extra carry on bag, the one with fragile stickers all over it, was about the third item off the belt with the regular stuff. So much for going and collecting it with the over sized. At least everything survived. Now to experiment on making Rum Swizzles.

I ended up taking 470 photos in Bermuda. Some of them look really nice on screen, much nicer than how Blog Press shows them in Blogger. So I may be redoing some of them. Pardon me if you think you've seen them before, but some are really good, and haven't been done justice. Most of the ones I put up will probably have some tweaking done.

What follows should be a video I shot in Horseshoe Bay. Let's find out if this works via Flikr. If not I can go back to You Tube, I guess.

While on vacation I discovered some spam comments actually sneaking onto my blog. I've tweaked some settings that should prevent anonymous posters. I hope that doesn't block anyone from actually posting. It shouldn't, since all anonymous was spam, and all the real comments were from people I know, or recognize their names. If there is a problem please let me know somehow, via the twitter button, Facebook, or plain old email. If I must I'll go back, and turn on comment moderation for all posts, not just the older ones. I take pride in my blog, and have some of the finest commenters around, so I don't want to dilute their efforts. I've already made a bit of a round catching up on comments on other people's blogs. I've missed doing that.

Back to regular blogging, whatever that is. First there was the month of one word blogs in February. Then a bunch of vacation blogs. Now back to the regular world. I was thinking a lot about vacations and my working life. My buddy Alan once said, "I strive to schedule my work the way most people schedule their vacation." We are already thinking about our next vacation, though quite a bit depends on exactly how this project goes, and if I get renewed or not. Linda is researching Copenhagen, I'm looking at Iceland, and plan on feeding my buddies Mike and Julie tea and cookies while interrogating them about Cozumel. 


  1. Welcome back! I've been having trouble with spam on my blog too. To the point that I am even considering adding the word verification that I hate so much..

  2. Glad you are back safe and sound, with happy cats.

    Don't even get me STARTED on Air Canada! GAH!

    I had to change my blog, too. The spamming was getting unbelievable.


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