Friday, March 29, 2013

Lets see now

I didn't tell you about my Thursday swim. It was good, considering I've been in the pool once in the last month. Oddly enough it wasn't my arms complaining, there were some squeaks from my left knee.

Friday was puttering around the house. I did try a run about noon, and that didn't go so well from a running perspective, but the fact I was able to try at all was progress. Left knee complaining.

What's odd, and why I haven't sought medical advice, is that what hurts keeps moving around. During the swim it was the top of the knee cap. During the run it was the bottom, with some aches in the bottom of the quad. Sometimes its on the inside or outside of the knee. My thinking so far is that some or all of the major muscle groups around the knee are all locked up and tight, pulling on the smaller ones.

After the run I used the ball and rolled and stretched for more than an hour. Pigeon alone was 5 minutes a side. There were lots of owie moments. Lots.

BBQ lamb tonight for a friend coming over for dinner with good news. We're very happy to see her, and what she brought.

Cleaning up after helping her take a case of wine to the car. Bed soon. Anyone want to drive to Red Deer tomorrow morning to pick up some wine? Speak fast.


  1. Hmmm, I'd do just about anything for free wine, but it's a bit of a drive and we're overhauling the back yard. ;)

    Thought you might like to know I've started aquafit classes and I throw in a few laps at the end. My form is horrible and my bump weighs me down, but it's good to finally be moving again!

    Glad to hear you got back to the pool. Hope the knee business sorts itself out. Does seem strange it moves around...

    1. Good to hear about the aqua fit. Check out what blog buddy SUAR has to say about water running and aqua fit when she was recovering from a broken hip.
      Twice now I've swum with pregnant women. Once was back when I was just a kid (late 20's). We saw each other all the time in the pool. My all out speed was her relaxed cruise. At about 6 or 7 months along. I'd be just catching up and she'd still pull away, giving me a little wave. The only reason I stayed in the game at all was that she had to take the turns really slow.

      The other is more recent. She didn't swim as fast, but still moved along at a respectable speed. She said that once she had confidence her pants would stay on the bump was surprisingly streamlined in the water.


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