Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I have a bad case of it. But then, so does almost every other blogger. This will make it all clear, and give you a smile at the same time, especially if you like Swedish humour. Just more words to import into English.

Even though I'm not ogooglebar, I've never had anything bloggbävning, and to be honest I hope I never will. That way I can stay an honest blogger and know who my readers are. While I take some photos, I'm not all livslogga about it. People don't want to look at me more than once in a while. I note that a photo of Linda got more likes than everything else I posted for the two months before added together. I'm not complaining, just saying that hawt bloggers have an advantage.

Linda is not the slightest bit nomofob. She has the oldest functioning cell phone in Canada, I'm sure, being well over a decade old now. It probably has fewer than 50 minutes of talk time. I get that way a bit, just because it was expensive to buy, and I perceive it as valuable. More places need a mobildagis, especially restaurants, and places with live performances. There does need to be a system to make it painless.

I've become much better at cutting down on trädmord. The poor trees. They spend so long trying to grow and become big trees, then the humans cut them down and turn them into kleenex or paper towel. One use and they become compost. It seems an undignified end for something as beautiful as a tree.

Along with the social media post I wrote a little while ago, I've been thinking a lot more about köttrymd, and trying to enjoy it more. So for instance, today I had a wonderful long phone conversation with one of my best friends. I'm out for a walk at lunch time again, just seeing what's happening on Stephen Avenue. A few times I've run into people I know on the street and that's all wonderful. But it can't happen sitting there in a small office. I chatted with a neighbor as I was doing some BBQ beef tenderloin, and marinated chicken.

That long conversation probably means I'm not going to get downstairs for a spin and core workout. Oh well. I'm not training for Ironman, after all. It's easy to get sucked into that, but I'm trying not be all Åsiktstaliban about it.

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  1. Great words - thanks for the link, Keith! Didn't the Swedish also give us Sauna? I think my favorite was the mobile phone playschool - wish more places had such a cell phone 'hold' so that I wouldn't have to listen to others' conversations while I'm eating, watching a movie, even waiting for my plane!!


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