Saturday, March 30, 2013

A happening day

It started with this.
A nice pastry from Yum Bakery. A cupcake from dessert last night, brought over by our financial advisor. 2012 was a good year, and the paper was a tasty warm up for the desserts. French press coffee. I'm really liking it done this way, if I have a few minutes to take care of it. I did have something a bit more substantial to balance out all that sugar, but that's much less interesting to look at. Yes, real linen napkins.

While eating I had to deal Curtis watching me.
One never really quite knows for sure what a cat was thinking. There some who might be some fooled into thinking he's just enjoying the sun on his back.

Very shortly after he was in my lap, which he then cruelly abandoned for some cat nip that Linda brought. Here he is sleeping it off.

All the wine kits I ordered are in so I drove up to Valentines in Red Deer to pick them up. This is a nice thing to do. It's a short drive, only 1.5 hours of highway driving. I turned up the tunes and sang along. It reminded me a bit of moving out to Calgary. Perhaps the high point of the drive was singing along to Sugar Sugar. That's one of the first really big pop hits I actually remember, watching The Archies while waiting for piano lessons.

Why drive to Red Deer for wine kits? The selection. This is just one part of the store.
They have everything you could possibly need for wine or beer kits, and very, very reasonably prices. Easily worth the gas and driving time. I saved so much money I bought another nice kit.

Now that I have the humidifier element out of the sink, I got the first of the kits started. We've had this furnace more than a year now, and this is the first time I've actually looked at the humidifier element. It was totally caked with scale. It took two soakings in vinegar to get rid of most of it. I should have done before and after photos, but probably best not, it was pretty gross.

My leg is feeling better today. I think the heavy duty rolling yesterday really helped. I didn't want to try running again, nice as it is, so I got on my bike instead, and after a good warmup, pushed pretty hard, with only a few knee twinges. I backed off then, wanting to spin out the muscles, and work them a bit, but not over work them. On the bike 45 minutes. Then another hour of rolling on the ball. Mostly low back, a lot of butt and hips, and lots of IT band. Plenty of owie. I can feel lots of tingle in my legs now. Any luck at all I'll try running tomorrow.

While I need to work on tax paperwork, I don't want to tonight. There's a really good rum swizzle on my desk, and I'm in the mood to work on my novel. So if I'm slow to respond to comments, tweets, or Facebook, that's why. Deep in the throes of creation, that's me.

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  1. I'm catching up from the weekend - had to comment about the wine kits! I didn't know you made your own wine - we've been making wine from kits for almost 20 years (and we've come a long way from those Danish Whites ;) We love the kits (now) with the wine skins - and the EP Kits!

    Looks like you got a lovely selection on the weekend. I told The Husband and he turned green with envy at the picture of the shelves and shelves of wine kits. I believe he's off to Google Valentines in Red Deer!!


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